Monday, April 4, 2016

What are all the issues / lapses which will lead to issue of charge sheet? to GDS

The following are the main issues / lapses which will cause issue of charge sheet to GDS and lead to trouble.
(1) Suppression of SB / RD deposits or delay in credit.
(Rule - 131, 141 & 143(3) of BO Rules)
(2) Suppression of money tendered for opening of accounts.
(Rule-145 (1), 129 & 130 of BO Rules)

(3) Suppression of RPLI premium.
(Rule-51A & 133 of BO Rules)

(4) fraudulent / forgery of SB / RD withdrawal.
(Rules - 134, 144, 143(8) & 136 of BO Rules)

(5) Failure to supervize the work of GDS MD by GDS BPM.
(Rule-9 of BO Rules)

(6) Shortage of Cash.
(Violation of Rule-11 of BO Rules)
(7) Fraudulent payment of Money Orders.
(Rule-121 (2) volume-VI part-III)

(8) Non maintenance of BO accounts.
(Rule-133 of BO Rules)

(9) Loss of Registered articles by GDS MD.
(Rule-86 of BO Rules)

(10)Non opening of BOs
(Rule-5 of BO Rules)

(11)Delay in credit of MS-87(a) by altering.
(Rule-104, 124, 133 & 134 of BO Rules)

(12)Non delivery of unregistered letter by GDSMD.
(Rule-66 of BO Rules)

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