Saturday, February 23, 2019

                                            "REST IN PEACE - M.JAYANTH KUMAR"

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

All India Association of Inspector Posts and Assistant Superintendent Posts, Karnataka Circle

ASP,Technology,O/o PMG, N K Region Dharwad-580001
[Circle Secretary]
ASP (HQ), O/o Superintendent of  Post Offices
Shivamogga Division, Shivamogga-577202
[Circle Treasurer]
ASP, South sub division, Udupi-576101

CS/IAIASP/CWC/2019                                            Dated 13.02.2019
            Under the provisions of Article 30 of the Constitution of All India Association of Inspectors and Assistant Superintendents Posts, it is hereby notified that the Circle Working Committee Meeting of the Association will be held at “Akkana Balaga Kalyana Mantapa” Opposite PMG office, near Court circle, Dharwad-580001 under Dharwad division on 09.03.2019 at 10:00 hours.
“Akkana Balaga Kalyana Mantapa” Opposite PMG office, near Court circle, Dharwad-580001
1.   A talk on “Stress Managament” By Sri Pradeep J Dhonthi.
2.   Confirmation of the minutes of the last CWC held on 26.05.2018 at Ramanagar.
3.    Organizational and Financial review of the association.
4.   Subject matters for debate/discussion and decision thereon.
      a.Cadre restructuring of IP/ASPs
      b.Grant of non functional 5400 to ASPs after four years of service.
      c.DPC for PSS Group B
      d.Transparent transfer policy.
      e.Maintenance of IPASP KARNATAKA blog
  Any other item with the permission of the Chair
5. Demo on tool prepared for data maintenance and accounting for association.

All CWC members are requested to attend the meeting well in time.
                                                                                                                                                      Yours sincerely,
                                                  /SREENIVAS M J/                    
                                                Circle Secretary, AIAIPASP
                                                     Karnataka Circle

Copy to
1.     The CPMG Karnataka Circle Bengaluru-560001, for kind information with a request to issue instructions to all Regions/ Divisions to relieve the CWC members to attend the meeting well in time with eligible transit period.
2.     The PMG NK Region Dharwad-580001 for information and necessary action please.
3.     The PMG SK Region Bengaluru-560001 for information and necessary action please.
4.     The PMG HQ Region Bengaluru-560001 for information and necessary action please.
5.     The  GM CEPT Mysore-570010 for information and necessary action please
6.     The Director Postal Training Centre Mysore-570010 for information and necessary action please.
7.     ALL CWC Members.
8.     Office copy.

Special invitees:

1.  Sri Manjunath Hubballi,President, CHQ New Delhi and ASP, Haveri Division, Haveri.581110
2.  Sri Naveen chandar SP, Shivamogga division, Shivamogga-577202.
3. Sri Dinesh Khare, Retired Senior Postmaster Mysore HO.-570001

                                                                             /SREENIVAS M J/                    
                                                Circle Secretary, AIAIPASP
                                                     Karnataka Circle

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

My beloved siblings,

                                I have decided to keep in touch with you through this media every fortnight…I will share everything I am doing on behalf of you… I love to be transparent and plain with you as I wish to work as your mirror image before the higher desks of the administration. You are my everything and your opinion and suggestions keep me more confident. I license you to share everything you feel on the common objective of the cadre.
                I always believe in team work and I define team as T=together, E=each, A=achieve, M=more…Circle working committee is formatted to work in tandem to achieve our goals and we have many issues to be                      attended on top priority basis along with all the inherent complexities.
                As of now, we have to tackle with administration on drawal of                 bunching benefit to our senior ASPs, PSS Group B DPC, Cadre restructuring, All India Gradation list, MACP issues and many more. We are combating to get every entitlement through legal struggle since last decade. We need to motivate our CHQ through our physical, financial and psychological support.
                 Circle working committee meeting has to be done in the coming month and Shimoga friends are examining the proposal…I will issue the notification very early. We will sit together and create some important teams on drafting, blog management, organizational elements, legal aspects etc in our forthcoming CWC meeting.
               Each one of us needs to be very rigorous and active rather than expecting everything from the CS. I am here to represent your attitude, trend, emotions and feel….But, I need your total involvement in all the common issues which will serve the welfare of each member of the cadre.
              Association is always in the pursuit of withstanding the interest of the members…But efforts are not rewarded friends ….Only results will be rewarded… Hope you will join your shoulders in achieving results oriented efforts of our ongoing struggles…
                 GET…..SET….GO…..BUT TOGETHER…
                                                                                        Yours amiably,