Friday, January 6, 2017

Notification for conducting CWC @ Bangaluru...

All India Association of Inspector’s and Assistant Superintendent Posts,
Karnataka Circle
Vasudeva Chathra
ASP(HQ) o/o SSRM Bangaluru Stg Division
(M) 9449004665
Manjunatha Hubballi
[Circle Secretary]
ASP Haveri Sub Division Haveri-581110
(M) 9449849271
Joseph Rodrigues
[Circle Treasurer]
Assistant Supdt Posts (HQ) Mangalore Dn Mangalore
(M) 9449848935

CS/IAIASP/CC/2016                                                                         Dated 27.12.2016
            Under the provisions of Article 30 of the Constitution of All India Association of Inspectors and Assistant Superintendents Posts, it is hereby notified that the pre-conference Circle Working Committee Meeting of the Association will be held at Annex hall, 5th floor, GPO Building, Bangaluru-560001 on 28.01.2017 at 1000 hours.
Annex hall, 5th floor, GPO Building, Bangaluru-560001
1.   Confirmation of the minutes of the last CWC held on 26.03.2016 at Udupi.
2.   Organizational and Financial review of the association.
3.   Subject matters for debate/discussion and decision thereon.
      a.   Bunching & anomaly issues of Seventh Pay Commission.
   b.  Up-gradation of Grade pay of Inspector Posts from Rs.4200/- to Rs.4600/- w.e.f. 01.01.2006, contempt case at Ernakulam bench.
      c. Merger of ASP Cadre with PS Gr “B” cadre.
     d.  Regular promotion to PS Group ‘B’ Cadre. (Supplementary & Regular DPC for the year 2016)
      e.   LDCE for the promotion to PS Group ‘B’ examination CAT case
      f.    LDCE for promotion to Sr Postmaster examination
      f.    Re-organization of Sub Divisions
      g.   Re allotment of ASP’s from region to region.
     h.   Supply of Data card/Laptops/Computers with Broad Band connection for all IPs/ASPs other than Sub Divisional Heads
      i.   Sanction of PLI/RPLI incentive to the sub divisional heads through Mc Camish software.
      j.    Clerical assistance to the Sub divisional heads in view of monitoring of BD & e-enabled services.
      k. condemnation of the old laptops and supply of new laptops to sub divisions
      l. Revision of Inspection Questionnaire.
      m.   Any other item with the permission of the Chair

4.   Organization review.
5.   Financial review
6.   Karnataka Circle Blog.

All the CWC members are requested to attend the meeting well in time.
                                                                                               Yours sincerely,
                                                                                           /Manjunatha Hubballi/                    
                                                                                 Circle Secretary, AIAIs&ASPs
                                                                                                Karnataka Circle
Copy to
1.     The CPMG Karnataka Circle Bangalore-560001, for kind information with a request to issue instructions to all Regions/ Divisions to relieve the CWC members to attend the meeting well in time with eligible transit period.
2.     The PMG NK Region Dharwad-580001 for information and necessary action please.
3.     The PMG SK Region Bangalore-560001 for information and necessary action please.
4.     GM CEPT Mysore-570010 for information and necessary action please
5.     The Director Postal Training Centre Mysore-570010 for information and necessary action please.
6.     Sri Arun Malik Director (SR Section) New Delhi-110001 for information and n/a please.
7.     ALL CWC Members.
8.     Office copy
Special invitees:
1.       Sri Vilas Ingale General Secretary & SPO Thane West Division Thane.
2.       Sri Naveen Chander designated SPO’s Shimoga Division Shimoga.
3.    Dr. S.Shivaram Chief Postmaster Bengaluru GPO
4.       Sri Dinesh Khare SSPO Bangaluru South Division Bangaluru.
5.       Sri JayantKumar M Captain @ APS Training Centre Campte Nagpur..

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