Thursday, July 22, 2010

News from IPASP Orissa Site

Minutes of the Committee recommending MACP to IPs and ASPs in Orissa Circle is ready but it is not yet approved. A delegation of 7 IPs & ASPs of Circle Office led by the CS sought appointment with DPS(HQ) on the issue which is stuck up at the level of DPS(HQ). The CS and the Circle Treasurer met DPS(HQ) on 21.07.2010 and pleaded for approval of MACP orders by the acting Chief PMG as the case is delayed badly. DPS(HQ) mentioned that she wanted its approval by the 'regular' Chief PMG and advised the delegation to wait with patience till 'regular' Chief PMG returns from leave on 26.07.2010.

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  1. One of my friend went to Ramnathpura B.O. to visit a BO and for his visit he couldnot produce a receipt for Food charges and next time he went to Chennai and paid Rs.230/- for food charges with receipt. In both the cases he lost heavily. Less pay compared to other Inspectors but you pay more when you go on tour is our fate.