Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Agenda for bimonthly meeting with PMG SK Region Bengaluru....

All India Association of Inspector Posts and Assistant Superintendent Posts, Karnataka Circle

Vasudeva Chathra
ASP o/o SP PSD Bengaluru
Manjunatha. Hubballi
[Circle Secretary]
Supdt Of Posts
Haveri Division Haveri-581110
Joseph. Rodrigues
[Circle Treasurer]
Assistant Supdt Posts (HQ) o/o SSPO’s Mangalore Division Mangalore

No:IP/ASP/1-21/2017                     @ Haveri                                      the                      8-7-17

The Postmaster General
South Karnataka Region

Subject: Agenda for the Bimonthly meeting with PMG SK Region Bengaluru.

Respected sir,
                In connection with the above cited subject, it is requested to consider the following points for the bimonthly meeting,
Old items,
1.       Workshop/Training for attending computerized (CSI &Mc Camish migrated) office inspection/visit.  
2.       Release of PLI/RPLI incentive/honorarium to IP/ASP’s through software.
3.       Provision for list of accounts standing at BO/SO category wise in Finnacle software to carry out cent percent verification, PWV etc.
4.       Considering the request of IP/ASP.
New items,

Following officers will attend the meeting, it is requested to make relief arrangement for them,
1.       Sri Manjunatha G Hubballi. Circle Secretary AIAIPASP Karnataka & ASP Haveri Sub Division Haveri .
2.       Sri Vasudeva Chatra President & ASP HQ Bg Stg Division Bengaluru.
3.       Sri Joseph Rodrigues ASP (HQ) o/o SSPO Mangalore Division Mangalore
4.       Sri B M Shankarappa VP & ASP Arasikeri Sub Dn Arasikeri.

Thanking you sir,
                                                                                                    Yours sincerely,

    Circle Secretary
 AIAIPASP  Association                            

                                                                                                    Karnataka Circle

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