Saturday, December 24, 2016

Filling up of the vacant GDS posts

All India Association of Inspector Posts and Assistant Superintendent Posts, Karnataka Circle

Vasudeva Chathra [President]
Assistant Supdt Posts (HQ) Bangalore Sorting Division Bangalore
Manjunatha. Hubballi
[Circle Secretary]
Assistant Supdt Posts Haver Sub Division, Haveri-581110
Joseph. Rodrigues
[Circle Treasurer]
Assistant Supdt Posts (HQ) o/o SSPO’s Mangalore Division Mangalore

No:IP/ASP/1-20/2016                     @ Haveri                                          the           23.12.2016
Chief Postmaster General
Karnataka Circle

Subject:  Filling up of the vacant GDS posts reg

Respected madam,

                     This is regarding filling up of the vacant GDS Posts in the circle. The process of filling up of the vacant posts has been stopped as per the instructions issued by Directorate. There are about 10% of GDS posts vacant in the circle. This circle is identified for pilot circle for IPPB and rural ICT. Both are in pipe line. The process for imparting training is under progress. The involvement of GDS staff is very much essential in success of these schemes in rural areas. The stop gap person is no more continue in the department. Once we have to train these stop gap persons but they will be relieved from that post within 90 days. The imparting training to these stop gap persons is futile and burden to the department. This will hamper the work. Further it is very difficult to extract work from the stop gap GDS.

                This has been impact on the Sub Division work, Divisional office work and implementation of the project apart from legal litigation for continue stop gap arrangement of the GDS posts.

The entire process of stop gap arrangement of GDS post is only temporary measure to carry out the work for the time being but in the present scenario the entire process of GDS engagement has been stopped. The concerned DHs & SDHs are facing lot of inconvenience in carry out day to day work from the stop gap GDS.

We are requesting to restore the existing system for selection/engagement of GDS posts till finalization of the new procedure. We hope positive reply for the smooth administration and implementation of the technology based projects in the department.

Thanking you madam,
                                                                                                                     Yours sincerely,
 (Manjunatha G Hubballi)
                    Circle Secretary AIA IP&ASP                                            Karnataka Circle
Copy to, Sri Vilas Ingale General Secretary SPO Thane West Division Thane Mumbai for kind information and take up the issue with appropriate authority for necessary action.

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