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Revision of BO inspection Questionnaire

      As discussed in the CWC Meeting held on 15.07.2017 at Belgaum a Committee was formed by the Association to frame draft inspection Questionnaire.  Accordingly, the following officers have met in Mangalore on 29.07.2017 and had a detailed discussions.
[a] Sri GV Laxminarayan, ASP HQ Mangalore.
[b] Sri Joseph Rodrigues, Officiating Senior PM, Mangalore HO.
[c] Sri Jayaram Shetty, ASP R Udupi.
[d] Sri Lokanath ASP R Puttur.
[e] Sri Dayananda Devadiga, IP, Mangalore.
[f] Sri Shrinath NB, ASP, Udupi South Sub Division, Udupi.
[g] Sri Rajesh, SA, Puttur [DK] Division.

   Please go through it and any suggestions/comments please send in detail to email or directly to Sri Shrinath N B ASP Udupi South Sub Division Udupi...

Questionnaire for inspection of Branch Post Office:

I. Introductory:

i. Date of present inspection, name and designation of the inspecting officer.
ii. Date of last annual inspection, name and designation of the inspecting officer.
iii. Date of second inspection if any carried out, name and designation of the officer who carried out second inspection.
iv. Dates of visits by the Vigilance Squad or any other Inspecting/Executive of the Department since DLI.
v. Dates of visits by the Sub Divisional Head/Divisional Head and name of the officer.
vi. Dates of visits and name of the Mail Overseer since the date of last inspection.
vii. Name of the Branch Postmaster, his date of birth, date of engagement, name of the GDSMD/GDSMD/MC, GDSMC, his date of birth, date of engagement with an instruction to HO to confirm the currency of security furnished by them.
viii. Working hours of the BO, whether present working hours are convenient and whether any revision is required. The hours of receipt of mail, delivery, letter box clearance and dispatch.  Whether any revisions are required.
ix. The authorized balances of cash, postage stamps, revenue stamps and whether it is adequate or whether any upward or downward revision is required.  If so, the statistics of last three months must be submitted to Divisional Office.
x. The present arrangements for conveyance of mails between Branch Office and Account office and whether it is working fine or any revision is required. The distance between BO and AO and whether any changes are required in the accounts jurisdiction.
xi.  Location of the Branch office, whether is centrally located.
xii. The condition of the building in which branch office is functioning, whether the electricity connection is available for Rural ICT or whether solar panels are provided.
xiii. The availability of network in the BO and networking functioning of Rural ICT device.
xiv. The locations where the letter boxes are planted, its present condition, punctuality of clearance, date of last painting, results of test cards if any posted in the letter boxes, whether the clearance hours are painted on the letter boxes, whether the painting is done as per Project Arrow norms, whether the logo painted on the LB is properly depicted. Whether the articles posted up to cut off hours are included in the day’s dispatch. 
xv. The delivery jurisdiction of BO, areas served, whether there is any change since the date of last inspection, whether any changes are proposed in the present inspection.
xvi. Name of the Gram Panchayath/Police Station in the jurisdiction of which Branch Office is functioning.
xvii. The population of the village as per the last census report and name of the girl child below ten years.
xviii. Number of households eligible in the village for Rural PLI/PLI and percentage of coverage already done and pending.
xix. Number of eligible persons for PMSBY/PMJJY and APY in the village and percentage of coverage already done and pending.
xx. The average percentage of population in the village who are covered by Post Office Savings Scheme already and pending.
xxi. The number of schools, colleges in the village and number of students studying in those schools and colleges on an average.
xxii. Major Corporate institutions, business sector enterprises functioning in the delivery jurisdiction of BO and types of postal services utilized by them.
xxiii. The handicraft industries if any in BO jurisdiction.
xxiv. Whether the BO village is specially known for any activities of social importance.
xxv. Whether BO is indentified for Sampoorna Bachath Gram, Sampoorna Bima Gram, Sampoorna Sukanya Samruddi Gram etc., and level of progress already made and if not yet identified whether it can be suggested for identifying.

II. Accounts/Mails:

i. Verify cash and stamps with reference to the last acknowledged closing balance and after taking into account all the transactions/remittances received/remittance made by adding to/deducting from the last acknowledged balance.  Note the same on BO account and obtain the signature of BPM below the same. Verify the stamp balance available with Mail Deliverer.  Whether the acquittance is obtained from the GDSMD by the Branch Postmaster.

ii. Check the balance of BO Account for one day bi-monthly with reference to the connected records and note the results of verification. Whether there are any instances of retention of excess cash without valid reasons, whether there is any delay in clearance of liabilities, whether the system of remittances prevailing between BO and AO is an ideal one.   The observations to be noted in the Inspection Report with specific suggestions if any.

iii.  Check the MS 87 [a], SB 26, SB 28, PLI 12, LI 37, Eng 9, RP 51 and integrated Speed Post booking journal since the date of last inspection and note same in inspection report.  Check the credits in respect of  SB 26, PLI 12, LI 37, MS 87 [a] and Eng 9 with reference to the concerned journals and note the details of receipts checked and the unused receipts.  Pass the remarks on the last verified result and last unused receipt. Whether BPM is issuing SB 28 receipt whenever the pass books are collected from the depositors for sending to Account Office and whether he is collecting the same with signature/date of delivery details after returning of pass book.  Whether BPM is obtaining the signature of the depositors on the reverse of SB 26 after delivery of pass books in respect of new Accounts. 

iv. Check the credits in respect of VPL/COD since the date of last inspection for at least one article in each quarter. 

v. Examine the content of BO bag and mention the same in the inspection report.  Carry out an analytical review of the articles received for delivery with the details of transit availed.

vi. Check the deposit articles in BO and check the reasons for non delivery.  Test check the remarks furnished on the articles by telephonically contacting a few addressees and if any wrong remarks are noticed, record the statement of the mail deliverer. Review the delivery performance level of the mail deliverer and note the same in the inspection report. Whether proper records pertaining to delivery such as RP 1 are kept on record. 

vii. Checked the totals of SB/RD/TD/SSA/RPLI/TRC/Electricity Bill collections or any other receipts/payments in the BO for one day in each quarter and verify the correct incorporation of the same in BO Account [however, in Rural ICT environment this is not required since the transactions will be automatically uploaded].

viii. Check the BO Accounts, BO slips, BO Journals for one day in each quarter and check the correctness with reference to concerned journals.

ix.  Check the undelivered pass books if any in BO, ascertain the reasons for the same and take actions for immediate delivery of the same to the depositors and if they are not available in station, the said pass books must be sent to AO for further submission to SBCO for safe custody.

x. Check 5 pass books each in the category of SB/RD/TD/SSA category and note the DLT/BAT.  If the required number of pass books could not be verified, then issue SB 46 notices.

xi. Check 5 Rural PLI and 5 PLI PRBs [if BO is accepting premium in PLI] with reference to the journals and note the same in IR.

xii. Whether BPM is aware of the facilities of claiming commission on SB net accretion, BPM TD commission, incentive for Speed Post booking, Incentive for  Speed Post delivery by GDSMD etc., and whether he is claiming the same. If not, guide them.

xiii. Whether the SB/SSA Pass books are being sent for adding of interest and its present position. Also note an instruction to Account Office to send the list of SB Pass Books not received for adding of interest as required by PO SB Manual Volume I.

xiv. Verify two discontinued RD Accounts with reference to the list received from Account office and note the same in Inspection Report. If the list is not received from AO, note the same in IR with an instruction to AO to send the same to Sub Divisional office.

xv. Check the following records and note the observations

Postman Book
Whether it is maintained systematically and whether bPM is checking the same daily.
Book of Postmarks
Whether impressions are clear.
Stock Register
Whether it is maintained properly, whether all the invoices since the date of last inspection are incorporated and note the last received invoice. 
Specimen Signature Books
Whether it is maintained systematically for SB/RD/TD/SSA and whether the BPM is noting the CIF number in respect of each Account and whether the closed accounts are being rounded off 
Complaint and Suggestion Book
Whether there are any entries pending for action.  If so, take immediate action for the redressing the same.
Beat Map
Whether it is prominently exhibited in BO.  If not, get it done by guiding the BPM and Mail Deliverer.   
Error Book
Whether is maintained and details of the further developments in respect of each error noted in it.

xvi. Take action for weeding out of old records and destruction of time barred MS 87 [a], SB 26, SB 28 receipts and note the same in inspection report.

xvii. Find out the number of social security beneficiaries in the delivery jurisdiction of BO and whether the cent percent SB/Aadhar linking is completed in respect of the same. 

xviii. Whether BPM is having sufficient number of forms for obtaining consent letter from the walk in SB depositors for linking their Accounts with Aadhar. 

xix. Whether all the TD depositors of BO are having SB Accounts in BO.

III. Business Performance:

[i]  Note the targets allotted to BO in Rural PLI/PLI/Savings Bank/PMSBY/PMJJY/Live Accounts in the last financial year and in the current financial year and percentage of achievement made. Also conduct a meeting with BO staff and guide them in achieving the targets.

[ii] Whether the BPM and other GDS of the BO are having thorough knowledge of various rulings on SB/RD/TD/RPLI/PLI /SSA/eMO etc. and whether they are aware of latest interest rates, bonus rates etc. Whether they are capable of calculating the expected maturity values of Time Deposit/RD /RPLI and PLI and guide the prospective investors/proponents.  Whether the latest rates of interest on savings scheme are prominently displayed in BO.

[iii] Meet the PDO/President of Gram Panchayath and have a discussion with them in creating an awareness among the villagers to avail all the facilities and services available in branch office.

[iv] Find out the area of business development in which BO is lagging behind and find remedial measures for them and suggest the same in the inspection report.

[v] Whether BPM or GDSMD of the BO is regularly participating in the Gram Sabhas of Gram Panchayath. 

[vi] Whether the Mail Deliverer/GDSMC are giving effective pickup for Speed Post/Registered Post etc., and giving courteous services to the public. 

[vii] Whether the sufficient quantity of PLI/RPLI Proposal forms, new Account opening forms, pamphlets etc., are available in BO and whether BPM is distributing the pamphlets among the walk in customers.

[viii] Whether BPM and Mail Deliverer are maintaining telephone numbers of all the customers of Branch Office and telephone numbers of all organisation/institutions/business firms in the BO jurisdiction.  If not, guide them to maintain the same.

[ix] Note the present cost and income position of the BO as per the establishment conducted in a recent date.

IV. Ambience/Swath Bharath:
[i] Whether the BO is kept neat and clean in the spirit of various instructions issued under Swatch Bharath.

[ii] Whether the BPM is making proper use of infrastructure supplied to BOs and neatness is maintained in record maintenance.

[iii] Whether the Citizens Charter, Working Hours of Board, list of services available in BO, Postal tariff list, contact telephone numbers of BPM/GDSMD, Important telephone numbers of the village etc., Telephone number of the Administrative offices etc., are prominently displayed in BO. 

[iv] Whether the information to the public about Post Info App and tracking facilities for accountable articles, Website address of the Department and Toll Free Number [1924] are prominently exhibited.

V. Rural ICT: On implementation of Rural ICT following additional questions are to be framed.

[a] Whether the security arrangement for Rural ICT device is satisfactory.
[b] The issues if any on network connectivity.
[c] Whether power supply is proper in BO.
[c] Whether BPM is conversant in using the hand holding device.
[d] Whether the credits for selected dates are properly uploaded and incorporated in Departmental accounts.
[e]  Generate the lists of balances in respect of 5 Accounts in SB/RD/TD/SSA by logging in the Sub Divisional ID and check the correctness of the same in the BO by contacting the depositors during inspection.  If the depositors are not available, get confirmed the same by telephonically contacting them. 

VI. OLIC/NREG/KYC Norms: The questionnaire already circulated by the Department is to be followed. 

VII. Conclusion: Carry out an analytical review of the overall performance of BO under the following para metres and note the concluding para whether the result of the inspection is satisfactory or not. 

Description of duty
Allotted Points
Performance in BD/RPLI/PLI/Savings Bank/PMJJY/PMSBY/APY.
Operations including implementation of technology in Rural ICT
Record management and cleanliness of the office
Discipline and conduct
Customer Service


Send the copy of Inspection Report to Branch Postmaster with an instruction to send the compliance report on all action oriented paras to Divisional Office within 15 days.  Send two copies of the Inspection Report to Divisional Office along with work and conduct report of the Branch Postmaster and GDS MD/GDSMD/MC subject to observations made during the inspection. 

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